Syrian Rebels Trigger Bomb While Taking Selfie


Damascus:  A blast was triggered by a Syrian rebel while taking a selfie. The phone was possibly connected to a bomb. The rebel had accidentally blown himself along with his fellow fighters.

However, there is no information on casualties.

The entire incident was recorded and was first uploaded by by independent website It shows a group of rebels belonging to the Free Syrian Army gathered in front of the camera with arms. They were in a celebratory mood when one of them decided to take a selfie. However, when he hits the button, a bomb explodes and smoke fills up the room,blocking the visibility.

When the dust clears, the phone can be seen pointing towards a ceiling fan. The rebels shouted Allahu Akbar before reaching out to help their fellow comrades.

The blast might be of low intensity as the camera had withstood the blast.

The Free Syrian Army is allied with the coalition of western nations – including the US, UK and France – in the fight against ISIS.