Syrian Army Ups Offensive To Stretch Territory


Damascus: Following major gains across Damascus’ East Ghouta region over the last two days, the Syrian Army is once again upping the ante, launching a new wave of assaults on multiple axes against rebel-held areas.

According to reports from military affiliated sources, elite Syrian troops of the Tiger Forces Division have seized all the farmland areas around the key militant-controlled town of Al-Muhammadiyah in the southern part of the East Ghouta pocket – the stronghold itself is now apparently being entered into amid heavy clashes.

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Moreover, assault units of the Tiger Forces Division started storming the town of Ash-Ash’ari as part of the attack on Al-Muhammadiyah. Both advances are being backed up by airstrikes from Syrian and Russian warplanes.

Despite some reports that Ar-Rayhan has been seized by government troops, the reality stands that the Syrian Army is not yet in full control of the town. Nonetheless, Al-Masdar News journalist Ibrahim Joudeh believes that the rebel stronghold may very well fall to the Tiger Forces before the day is out.

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Finally, there exists reports of a huge advance in the Harasta district, although specifics on gains made have not yet been released.