Syria War: RAF Tornado Jets Pound ISIS Stronghold

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Damascus: Royal Air Force (RAF) jets have carried out their second round of air strikes in Syria against ISIS since MPs backed military action against so-called Islamic State in the country.

ফের সিরিয়ায় হানা ব্রিটিশ র‍্যাফ জেটের

It is understood the targets were oil fields again, and the mission involved two Tornados and, for the first time, two Typhoons.

On Thursday, four Tornado jets launched the first air strikes, hitting the Omar oil fields in eastern Syria. MPs backed UK military action against IS in Syria on Wednesday.

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Six Tornados flew to RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus on Thursday to join the operation against IS, which the government refers to as Daesh and is also referred to as Isis and Isil.

The Ministry of Defence said the deployment of the Typhoons plus an extra two Tornados offered a significant increase in strike capacity to both the RAF and the wider coalition air campaign.