Syria Conflict: Terror Attack on Russian Embassy


Damascus: As hundreds of pro-government supporters flocked in the Syrian capital city Damascus supporting Russian air raids on ISIS targets, two shells struck the Russian embassy compound on Tuesday.

Although no one was killed in the attack some people suffered injuries, reported BBC. The explosions triggered widespread panic and smoke was seen coming from the embassy compound.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov described it as “a terrorist attack”.

“This is… most likely intended to intimidate supporters of the fight against terror and prevent them from prevailing in the struggle against extremists,” he said.

“Together with the Syrian authorities, we are now trying to establish those responsible.”

In another development on Tuesday, accused Kurdish forces in northern Syria of carrying out a wave of forced displacements and mass house demolitions that amounted to war crimes.

It said the Popular Protection Units (YPG) had razed entire villages after capturing them from IS.

The YPG has consistently denied accusations of forced displacements.

Activist group the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the shells fired at the embassy had come from an eastern area of the capital.

Moments before, demonstrators had been waving Russian flags and holding up photographs of Russian President Vladimir Putin, witnesses said.