Syria Calls US Military Strike ‘American Aggression’


Damascus: Syrian state TV said Friday that a US military strike against a regime air base was an act of “aggression”.

“A US act of aggression (was committed) against Syrian military targets, using several missiles,” the channel said soon after the US announced the strike.

The local governor said the strike has caused deaths.

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The state TV quoted a military source saying there had been unspecified losses. “One of our air bases in the centre of the country was targeted at dawn by a missile fired by the United States, causing loses,” the station then quoted a military source as saying. The source provided no further details on the nature of the losses.

“This American aggression follows the slanderous media campaign by some countries… after what happened in Khan Sheikhun,” state news agency SANA said, referring to the town in northwestern Syria where a suspected chemical attack killed dozens of civilians this week.

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