‘Sycophant’ Mamata acting like dictator: BJP


New Delhi: The BJP on Sunday took potshots at the West Bengal Government over the arrest of a youth for posting a Facebook status against local TMC leader in Jalpaiguri and said this episode is ‘not just intolerance but beyond it’ under the sycophant rule of Mamata Banerjee
BJP leader Siddharth Nath Singh highlighted the past incidents to justify his point.

“This is not the first case that has happened. Since Mamata Banerjee has come to power, a number of such cases have happened. If you remember, a cartoonist was also picked up and jailed because he had posted a cartoon which Mamata Banerjee didn’t like. There was a case where a farmer raised an issue and he was called a Maoist and put under arrest. This goes to show that this is not just intolerance, it is beyond intolerance in Mamata’s rule of law,” he told ANI.

“And that rule of law has got nothing to do with India. It is to do with Mamata and her sycophancy. It shows that it is not just autocratic or dictator, it is beyond what can be explained in words. That is how Mamata Banerjee wants to rule West Bengal,” he added.

Meanwhile, Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) leader and senior lawyer Majeed Memon called the incident very sad and said that it was the democratic right of the people to express their views with regard to their likes and dislikes.

“This is very sad. If it is true, then the democratic right of the people to express their views with regard to the likes and dislikes, and governments and the political leaders. It must not be taken in a manner as we are hearing. If someone criticises you and you are in power, that does not mean that you will abuse your power and then resort to this kind of activity of getting the person kidnapped or assaulted,” Memon told ANI.

“This is clear breach of law and I think the chief minister would examine if there is any truth in this happening then she must take stern action to prevent this,” he added.

A man from West Bengal’s Jalpaiguri district was reportedly arrested and made to serve a bond under a CrPC Section for allegedly commenting against a TMC leader on social media.

Rohit Pashi, a resident of Mal, had said in a Facebook post that “a local leader was making rounds of the court to secure bail for a murder accused”. Although the person did not clarify who this “local leader” was, Mal’s municipal councillor Pulin Goldar took strong exception to the post and filed a police complaint against Pashi. Soon after, the police picked up Pashi and made him execute a bond, prompting the opposition leaders to target the ruling TMC. ANI