Swiss Police Arrest One Suspected Terrorist in Geneva


Geneva: Swiss police have arrested a terror suspect who was driving a grey Renault Clio with French plates. The arrest was made in Geneva at 1.15pm local time, sources reported. Geneva officials have raised the level of alert and are looking for people with possible “links to terrorism.”

A security guard at the United Nations Office told that Swiss authorities are looking for four guys believed to be in the area. Another guard said the UN compound was on maximum alert. Guards were stationed with MP5 sub-machine guns at entry points for cars, a highly unusual measure.

It was previously speculated that authorities were searching for people with links to the November 13 Paris attacks which killed 130 people and injured 352 others. However, Swiss authorities later stated that they have no information linking the suspects to the attacks.

The heightened alert comes after authorities in Brussels made numerous arrests while the city was placed on lock down last month.