Swine Flu toll rises to 585 in country


New Delhi: Death toll from swine flu rises to 585 with 100 more casualties being reported from across the country in the last three days since Feb 12. The ceral Government has ordered for additional stocks of medicines and diagnostic kits.

Till February 12 the number of swine flu deaths counted at 485 and the number rose by 100 within the past three days. Overall 8,423 has been diagnosed with the deadly disease.

Rajasthan alone reported 12 deaths on Feb 15 while eight fresh cases were reported in Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat. The worstly hit states include Rajasthan (165), Gujarat (144), Madhya Pradesh (76) and Maharashtra (58).

Delhi and Tamil Nadu have reported a very high rate of swine flu cases but death rates has been relatively low in these states.

 An official statement said that to enhance the level of preparedness, additional stocks of Oseltamvir and N-95 masks are being produced.