Swine Flu takes a countrywide toll


Lucknow: Swine flu death toll has taken a rise in Lucknow claiming the lives at least five more. As per reports till now, more than 36 have died in the state. Three 45-year-old-men and two woman aged between 25-31 years are infected with the H1N1 virus and are being treated at their home.

Meanwhile, death rose in Maharastra to at least 27 and five more in Rajasthan. The worst is being faced by Telangana, where 191 people had died since January.

According to doctors ‘Swine flu is caused by H1N1 virus, much similar with the virus which cause influenza viruses, fever, cough, sore, throat, body aches and respiratory problem.’ The virus is very influential in nature with human-to-human transmission in just nine days.