Swine Flu grips one more


Chinsurah: The onslaught of the deadly Swine Flu is ravaging the State. A woman was found infected with the deadly H1N1 virus at Hoohly’s Dhaniakhali village.
The woman was being treated at a local hospital, after her condition worsened she was shifted to Burdwan Medical College and later moved to Beleghata Hospital.
A lady named Rupali Saha from Chandannagar also succumbed to the disease a few days ago. Recently another patient from South Kolkata was diagnosed with the deadly virus. A total of Thirty two people are reportedly infected and being treated across various hospital in the state. Kolkata alone has reported five cases of Swine Flu so far.
Health Department has issued advisory to the people about the disease. A total of 40 people have been infected with the disease and three succumbed in the year 2013 in the state.