Swine Flu caused by Mosquito bite: MAMATA


Kolkata: At a time when the country is ravaged by the deadly Swine Flu and experts saying that lack of early diagnosis and information is mostly responsible for the high death rate, Bengal CM has probably found the culprit spreading the disease. According to her, the main culprit behind spreading the epidemic is a mere “MOSQUITO”.

Mamata said, mosquito bite causes swine Flu. Here is how she explained:
“For swine flu we are taking all action, we have even kept ready isolated beds, for action as you all know it is nowadays a free earth, all human beings are travelling from here to there, it mostly happens from mosquito bites and various other reasons, to heal the disease is not possible for me, but to get it nicely treated is our duty on humanitarian grounds…”.

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Such a statement has really stirred up reactions in the entire political field of the nation.