Sweden Invents New Word for Female Masturbation


Stockholm: Jacking off, jerking the turkey, bashing the bishop: there are plenty of colourful phrases men can use for “masturbation”, but as we know, women just don’t have the same options.

To redress this balance, the good people of Sweden have invented a new word which uniquely describes the experience of female self-stimulation: “klittra”.

The Swedish Association for Sexual Education (RFSU) launched a competition asking members of the public to come up with a new phrase to help promote an “open, positive view of sex and relationship issues”.

After receiving almost 200 entries, a shortlist of 40 was distilled and posted on RFSU’s website for a public vote.
The highly popular “klittra”, which is reportedly a combination of “clitoris” and “glitter” was officially adopted by the RFSU at its congress – narrowly edging out “pulla” and “runka”.