Suu Kyi On Rohingya Crisis: Govt Making Every Effort To Restore Peace


Naypyidaw: Aung San Suu Kyi, Myanmar’s de facto leader, on Wednesday told her compatriots in a State of the Union Address that their government was making every effort to restore peace and stability in Rakhine province, home to the Rohingyas.

As the world watched, Suu Kyi said her country felt “deeply for the “suffering of all groups in Rakhine,” and concerned by news of an exodus of Muslims to Bangladesh. However, she claimed that most Rohingya Muslim villages hadn’t been affected by the violence.

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There have been allegations and counter allegations, and Myanmar’s government will listen to them all, and punish the culprits irrespective of their race or religion, Suu Kyi said.

She invited members of the international community to visit Rohingya villages, and said a central committee had been constituted to enforce the rule of law and spur development in Rakhine.

“We have invited (former UN Secretary General) Dr Kofi Annan to lead a commission that would help us rfesolve long-standing problems,” she said.