Suspicious Men Detained Near Trishul Airbase


Lucknow: Two suspicious Kashmiri men were apprehended in Bareilly near Trishul air base on Thursday. The men had been living in the city for 15 days. Shockingly, two Aadhar cards were found from one of the detained men.

According to reports, these men come to Bareilly every year for 3-4 months and sell blanket. One is named Gulzaar, the other one is named Yusuf. These men were detained from near the air force camp.

The two Aadhar cards recovered from the man have the same name, but have different father names. Both the men are of around 30 years of age.
The police and intelligence officers are grilling the men.

7 soldiers lost their lives in a terror attack on Pathakot airbase.