Suspicious Death Of Mother In Dumdum Alleges Son-Daughter-In-Law


Kolkata: A 80 years old woman has found brutally hanged on the cornice, outside of the window at Nagerbazar of Dumdum. Police has rescued the body on Saturday. According to locals, she has been murdered and hanged in the cornice. Police has hindered the son of the victim and his wife.

On Saturday, the body of the old woman named Nilanjana Dutta (80) was seen hanging from the cornice of Nilachal Apartment at Nagerbazar. The news was reported to Dumdum Police Station. The police rescued the body and sent for an autopsy. Police sources said that a suicide note from the spot was also matched.

In this incident, Dumdum Police arrested the son and his wife. The son of the deceased claimed that the maid saw the bodies of his mother in the morning. The son added, people will say a lot of things. The locals asserted that the old woman have murdered.

They alleged, hanging body from cornice of 80-year-old woman is very unusual. Someone hanged her there. The police refused to open their mouth. It is said that the investigation has just begun. It is not possible to say anything right now.