Suspension of work at Victoria Jute mill


Hoogly: Another Jute Mill closes down in the state. Authorities of Victoria Jute Mill in Bhadreswar issued the notice of suspension of work on Saturday morning. It has been alleged that when the workers came to join their work on Saturday morning they found the notice at the gate of the mill. Due to this, nearly 5000 workers have indefinitely lost their jobs. It is to be noted that the jue mill reopened only two months back.

Two more jute mills of the Hoogly district is facing trouble. The India Jute mill of Shreerampur and Wellington jute mill of Rishra is facing the grudge of the workers. They have demanded their wages for May day which was a holiday. The owners of the jute mill have refused to pay them wages for a holiday. The workers of the jute mill have stopped working from saturday due to the demand. The India Jute Mill authorities have agreed to speak to the workers but labour- unrest is continuing at Wellington Jute mill.