Suspected ISI Agent Arrested in Kolkata


Kolkata: Sending ripples of concern in the security establishment, police on Saturday arrested an agent of notorious Pakistani spy agency Inter Service Intelligence (ISI) from the heart of Kolkata.

A special team of Kolkata police from Lalbazzar raided a home in Tilajala area of the city and nabbed Akhtar Khan, officials said. Khan believed to be the head of a ISI sleeper cell in the area used to recruit local people for the agency.

The arrest has highlighted that ISI has penetrated deep inside India and is now able to orchestrate any Paris like attack in the city as well as in the country. However, officials said that the attack will help in unearthing further terror cells of the agency in the city and country.

ISI is responsible for the 26/11 attack which jolted the entire country and almost started a war between India and Pakistan. ISI is also believd to have orchastrated the Gurdaspur and Udhamopur terror attack.