Shun Terror, Sushma Warns Pak in UN


New York: External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj is addressing the United Nations General Assembly on Thursday. Shedding the image of a saintly India tolerating regular provocations and terror attacks from Pakistan based outfits, Swaraj goes all out against Pakistan and conveyed a clear message in strong words warning Pakistan.

Swaraj said, “Talks and terror do not go hand in hand. Pakistan PM gave four pointers. I should tell him that they are redundant. Only one pointer is imp-give up terrorism and talk”.

Going hard on UN itself Sushma Swaraj asks the hard question, “Have we been able to fulfill the purpose for which the UN was established?”

“India has contributed to UN a lot. India thinks utmost of UN’s mission and peacekeeping. But its sad that nations who provide peacekeepers are not decision makers.” She added.

Sushma said that India has been facing terrorism for 25 yrs. New York has faced terrorism as well. But nations supporting terrorism haven’t been dealt with. Nations who support, train, help, terrorists need to be stood against by UN.

She added. “We are still deciding what “terrorism” means, still defining it. There is no “good” terrorism or “bad” terrorism.”

Talking on the 2008 Mumbai attack Sushma said many people belonging to various nation has succumbed to the attack and it is a matter of great shame that terrorists responsible for the attack are still roaming free.

Comparing the UN to a banyan tree Sushma said, “For an organization like the United Nations, 70 years has a unique significance. It is an occasion for revitalization and for renewal.

“In the Eastern tradition, the Banyan is a tree that signifies wisdom, yet is non-judgmental and all-encompassing. UN is a mighty banyan tree providing the canopy for a peaceful and prosperous humanity.” she added.

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