Surya Kanta Mishra lashes out at Didi


Kolkata: Opposition leader Surya Kanta Mishra jibbed at CM Mamta Banerjee as ‘shameless’, citing the trifling response of CM on women atrocities being committed all over the state. On Thursday, in a rally organized by the Left Front from Ram Leela Park to College Square, he made such a statement.

Mishra addressed the gathering in College Square and blamed the ruling party and CM for trivializing Kamduni, Salkia like incidents. He said the ruling party did not even allow the Kamduni rape victim’s body to be brought at home. Infact, the government tried to hush up the matter by offering a job to the victim’s brother. He said that when the locals questioned the CM, she tried to shut them up. In reply to which the furiated locals had staged a roadblock. He even criticized the government for its failure to bring justice to the rape victims.

Mishra criticized the CM for trivializing the brave heart Arup Bhandari case by claiming it to a mere clash within parties of political endeavour.

Cases of women atrocities were being repeatedly committed in the state and CM is trivializing the matter by terming them as fake, internal conflicts, etcetra. He mentioned that he is bound to raise his voice when the reputation of women is at stake.