Surya Kanta Mishra Accuses TMC Of Unleashing Terror

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Kolkata: After losing Narayangarh, CPM leader Surya Kanta Mishra on Saturday trained guns at Trinamool Congress and accused the Mamata party led party of extracting vengeance on the Left cadres. Mr. Mishra addressing media personnel in Kolkata said that the TMC has now treading the path of terror.

Surya Kanta Mishra said that, “Our workers are being targeted by TMC goons.” Surya Kanta Mishra criticized TMC harshly allegedly for unleashing terror in Bengal. He accused TMC activists of making attacks after the results were declared on May 19. He said that they selectively attacked the polling agents, the counting agents. The women are not even safe. They are being attacked too.

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Surya Kanta Mishra pointed out that several have emptied their houses in fear of alleged attacks by TMC. Mousumi Koyal and Tumpa Koyal, who rose to prominence for their protest with the Kamduni rape incident, has also left their homes in fear of any probable attack allegedly by the ruling party.

CPM leader said that he and his party will stand by all those who have been attacked. They will visit each and everyone who has been attacked. He also added that they would make a record of all the incidents where people are being allegedly attacked by TMC goons, and would submit it to the concerned authorities. He alleged that not only CPM cadres but the police have been attacked too by TMC goons.

Surya Kanta pledged to people that on any occasion where anyone is attacked, it must be immediately informed to the police. In such a situation, a peace rally needed to be organized. He even said that the TMC has a secret alliance with BJP. He said that the fight to end everyone’s problems would continue.

Assembly poll results entirely wiped off the left front government with CPM managing only 32 seats. Their alliance with Congress failed miserably too.