Surya Highjacks Mamata’s Kanyashree


Kolkata: State opposition leader Surya Kant Mishra literally highjacked, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s ‘Kanyashree’ project on Sunday, by terming it the brainchild of left government in West Bengal.

Addressing CITU’s eighth district conference in 24 Pargana district’s Khardah on Sunday, Mishra said that the Kanyashree project is an idea promulgated by the then left front government in the state. Without naming Mamata, he said Mamat has presented an old idea with a new name.

Lashing out at the ruling TMC government in the state, Surya said that total chaos prevailed in the state with an immense rise in incidents of murder, rape and dacoity, not even 70 year old women were spared.

Launching salvos at the BJP he said that the saffron party and Trinamool have forged an alliance. Although overtly they seemed to oppose each other, they are merely two faces of the same coin.