Surveillance For Security Faces Question


Raiganj: Over half of CCTV cameras installed by police across the Raiganj town for better surveillance and detection of crime have been lying non-functional for several months.

With the cameras being defunct, police officers investigating cases – like a recent loot of cash from a person at one of the prominent crossings of the town – are not getting any help to detect the miscreants through CCTV footage. They have been beating around the bush now, and harnessing other sources to nab those involved in the crime.

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“On February 8, two miscreants stole Rs 3 lakhs in cash from a person at Bidhannagar, It was then that the issue came to light that half of the cameras are not working. Those probing the case have to approach nearby shops and establishments, which have CCTV cameras, to try and find out whether such cameras have grabbed anything about the duo,” said a police source.

In 2016, police had installed 15 CCTV cameras in different places of the town. Also, a 24-hour control room, from where the footage of these cameras would be monitored, was opened at Raiganj police station.

But gradually, seven cameras, installed at places like Ghori More, Dehashree More, Bidhannagar More, Post Office More, College More and Rashbehari More and the one installed near the correctional home became defunct.