‘Surja Ghore Prithibir Chardike’ Celebrates Their Wrap Up Party


Kolkata: On Thursday, the team of ‘Surja Ghore Prithibir Chardike’ celebrated their wrap-up party in one of the 5 star hotels in the city.

‘সূর্য ঘোরে পৃথিবীর চারিদিকে’ প্রমান করল টলিগঞ্জ

The cast members of the movie are Suchandra Vaaniya, Anjan Dutta, Meghnadh Bhattacharjee, Shreela Majumder and many more. Suchandra Vaaniya said that most of her role was with Anjan Dutta and she is very happy for that. Very soon she will be keeping her feet in Bollywood.

The story of the movie is about K.C. Paul, one of whose research had opened everyone’s eyes in the city. Many directors are interested to make a film on this man. K.C. Paul said that sun moves round earth and he researched about this for 40 years. Due to this he had to fight for many days to prove that sun moves round the earth. To prove it, he slept on road, inscripted on walls and left a sign of his research story. To spread message about his struggle and to prove his research the movie is being made by the director.

The name of the movie is on his research. In the movie ‘Surjo Ghore Prithibir Chardike’ cast Chiranjeet, Meghnadh Bhattacharjee who acted in the role of K.C. Paul. Shreela Majumder will be seen as a wife of K.C. Paul. Anjan Dutta will be seen in a special character in the movie though he doesn’t want to reveal his character now. The shooting for the movie has been finished and audience will now have to wait for the movie to release.