Surgical Strikes’ Video Leaked, Shows Commandos Demolished Terror Launch Pads


New Delhi: Nearly one and half years after the strike, the video of the surgical strike has been accessed by Zee News. The video shows the Indian Army commandos demolishing terror launch pads.

The video, which was captured through cameras mounted on the helmets of the commandos and drones hovering in the sky, shows how the Indian Army destroyed seven terror launch pads.

The operation was carried out by para commandos of the 4th and 9th battalions and the terror launch pads targeted were in the range of 2 to 3 km from the LoC.

Commandoes of Army special forces were para-dropped into the Pakistani territory by ALH Dhruv helicopters. A book on the surgical strikes later revealed that the Army had decided to use soldiers from the units that had suffered losses during the Uri attack.

A Ghatak platoon was formed to provide crucial terrain intelligence and man border posts. An Army Major, who led the mission, later said that the most difficult part was the return of soldiers after the surgical strikes, as bullets fired by Pakistani soldiers were ‘whistling past the ears of our men’.

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