Surgical Strike: Mischief Of Mice Shred Notes Inside SBI ATM In Assam


Guwahati:  In Assam’s Tinsukia district a mischief of mice allegedly tore to shred notes worth Rs 12 lakhs inside an ATM cubicle. The ATM belonged to State Bank of India (SBI) in Laipuli area of Tinsukia. The SBI ATM (DFBK – 000196116) was not used since last month.

On June 11, bank appointed repairmen to correct the defaults of the ATM. The cubicle was not open since May 20 because the machine was not working because of technical glitches. To their astonishment, repairmen entered the cubicle only to find the piles of shredded heaps of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes last week.

Behind the closed doors, a mischief of rats was breeding in the booth. The four-legged rodents tore currency notes worth 12 lakhs into tiny bits and pieces in an unprecedented surgical strike.

As per SBI officials, around Rs 12, 38,000 Rupee notes were demolished by the mice. On May 19 around 29 lakh rupees were calibrated in the ATM, but the ATM stopped working the following day. The money was deposited by Guwahati based financial company named FIS: Global Business Solutions.

Still whatever happened behind the four walls of the cubicle is still doubtful as a large sum of public money is lost in the entire episode. A police complaint is registered with the local police station in Tinusukia. “May 20 and June 11 is a significant period of time for an ATM to be out of service. People are suspicious as to why it took so long for the mechanics to arrive” said a local.

The pictures of shredded notes inside the ATM booth went viral on Facebook and Twitter, as people laughed at mysterious incident calling it Demonetisation Part 2.