Surgeon Naps On Hospital Floor After 28-Hour Shift, Wins Facebook


New Delhi:  Pictures of an exhausted surgeon, napping on the floor of a hospital in China, are currently going viral for all the right reasons. Various versions of the photos circulating show the surgeon, dressed in his scrubs, sleeping on a grass mat, after completing a grueling 28-hour shift. According to a post shared by China Global TV Network on Facebook, Doctor Luo Heng had performed five surgeries in total before the pictures were taken. Now, people on social media have hailed the surgeon as a hero for his dedication.

Dr Heng, a surgeon at a hospital in Dingyuan county, east China’s Anhui Province, had worked overnight to complete two surgeries. The next day, he performed three more surgeries. The pictures were taken later that day on March 30.

“Even though the temperature in Dingyuan was lower than 13 degrees Celsius, an exhausted Luo decided to have a quick nap on the floor,” says the Facebook post.

According to several reports, the pictures won major love on Chinese social networking site Weibo. Even on Facebook, the doctor has left many impressed. While several people have appreciated Dr Heng’s dedication, few others have posted about the dangers of working such long hours. Many others have said this is a common occurrence in hospitals across the world.

“These types of doctors are very hard working and I salute him. This is why in India we call doctors second God,” says one commenter on Facebook.  “He is so passionate and dedicated to his job. I salute you Dr Luo Heng,” says another.

It also happened to the resident doctors in the Philippines. Salutes to the doctors,” one Facebook user says. Another says: “Most of the surgeons of Bangladesh do like this every day for their poor patients at government hospitals but they don’t get a simple thank you.”

“As a doctor we need enough rest,” says a commenter. “OMG! That’s dangerous to patients also! Not having enough sleep can cause havoc to our body!” says another. Since being shared, the post has collected over 3,600 reactions and more than 1,900 shares.