Superman Passes Away


Nikhilesh Roy Chowdhury: He could not move. But he thought. Thought so tremendously that actually he was actually the real he-man or superman.

He could compute through his brain and could express so immediately that any super-computer stopped its mechanical reading because of his stupendous brain storming.

He outreached the universe. So he could write the history of universe and time. Guess the origin of the black hole and actually which is the core source behind the big bang.

Ever the man read Vedanta? We don’t know. But which he thought scientifically, the philosophers of Vedanta had sought the answers thousand years ago.

They got their answers through their self-searching. Stephen Hawking’s quest went beyond philosophy and sought the answers scientifically. How could Stephen Hawking got such power despite of his physical obstruction? Because human beings are human beings because of their cerebral activity, not for their biological stupidity. And so, after Albert Einstein the man had spread the thought to create a galactic empire with much more wider vision.

He got huge acclamation because of his books. But his fame mainly reach the zenith due to his endeavour ignoring his physical ineffectiveness.

Superman of reels became immobile for some incurable disease. On the other hand, Stephen Hawking was such super-human being who broke the fetter of physical disorder through his lightning calibre of scientific assumption and authority, which make the millions spellbound.

After Hawking, now we have to wait for some new messiah who will go beyond his thought. Hopefully.