Super Mario Run Finally Coming To Android On March 23

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New Delhi: The wait is finally over as Nintendo officially announced a release date for their popular mobile title, Super Mario Run, for Android.

In a tweet made from Nintendo America, the company confirmed that the game will be available to Android users on March 23. This is in line with Nintendo’s previous announcement that the game would hit the Google Play store sometime in March.

Previously, Super Mario Run was exclusive to Apple devices and ranked in over $53 million in revenue. It was launched in December in 151 countries, and has been downloaded 78 million times. However, the mobile title didn’t manage to reach the mega status the company initially hoped.

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Although the game is free to download, but to play beyond the first three levels, one must pay a one-time $10 (or approx Rs 670) fee. Evidently, a little over 5 per cent of Super Mario Run users have paid the price to unlock the full game. This is mainly due to its $10 price, if we consider the price of other most popular games from Google Play or App stores.
Super Mario Run is a traditional two-dimensional game. The whole game is played in a portrait mode. All throughout the game, you are tapping on the screen to move Mario forward to collect coins, jump off coins and step on enemies.

But even as Nintendo gears up to bring the game to the Android platform, the question remains whether Android users would be ready to pay $10 (or approx Rs 670) to play a side-scrolling endless runner style game. If are keen to play Super Mario Run on your Android device, then you need to register as of now to receive the notification of the download on March 23.

It’s likely that Super Mario Run will be available as a free to download, and probably you will be asked to pay the $10 fee if you want to enjoy the entire game. Aside from confirming the launch date for Super Mario Run for Android, Nintendo also revealed the game will be integrated with the new version 2.0.0. Currently, the iPhone app is at version 1.1.2.