Sunny Leone Navratri Themed Condom Ad Stirs Controversy

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Gandhinagar: Indian men have a love-hate relationship with Sunny Leone, the brand ambassador of Manforce condoms. Using sanskaar as their shield, these men harp about how un-sanskaari she is.

Mankind put up banners across Gujarat that had Sunny Leone advertising condoms with a tagline that mentions navratri. This did not go down well with some people.

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The Confederation of All India Traders wrote a letter to Minister for Consumer Affairs Ram Vilas Paswan calling this tactic a “clear irresponsible and immature attempt to boost sales by putting all our cultural value system at stake”.

Signed by National Secretary General of CAIT Praveen Khandelwal, the letter accuses Sunny Leone of being irresponsible and of going to “any level irrespective of pious and religious occasion of Navratri” to earn money.

The CAIT is urging the minister to take immediate cognisance of this advertisement and “direct the concerned officials to ban the advertisement and take appropriate action against the manufacturer and its brand ambassador”.

The confederation also wants a specified “code of conduct” by the government for celebrities who act as brand ambassadors. “They should be made responsible for the products they endorse”, the letter read.

In the letter, the CAIT also mentioned the pending Consumer Protection Bill which is yet to be passed by the Parliament. The confederation believes that the Bill should be passed soon so that these “brand ambassadors can be brought under the ambit of the said Act”.