Sunil Grover Taunts Kapil, Says ‘I Am Watching Tamasha, It’s Entertaining’


Mumbai: The Kapil Sharma Show is struggling for not just TRPs, but it’s very survival. With the show being hit by massive negative publicity after the mid-air spat between Kapil and Sunil Grover, the show and its host is facing one issue after another. The ugly spat between Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover has definitely shook the entire television industry. But one man who seems to be having the last laugh is, well, Sunil himself! The actor-comedian, who has mostly stayed silent until now, has spoken up and his tone is very different.

Sunil is definitely hurt and shocked with the way he was treated by a drunk Kapil onboard a flight from Melbourne to Mumbai some 10 days back. Their public fight has left their popular show in a mayhem. With speculations that Sunil has walked out of The Kapil Sharma Show altogether, the comedian himself has tried to stay away from it all. Speaking to Bollywood Hungama, Sunil has now said, “I am very relaxed, very introspective, deep in thought about my future plans…I am just watching all the tamasha that’s going on. It’s very entertaining.”

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The same report also had one of Sunil’s friend opening up on behalf of the actor. He revealed that this wasn’t the first time that Kapil misbehaved with his team. Just that it happened in broad public view, Kapil is trying to broker peace. Speaking on why Sunil won’t budge this time, he said, “On numerous occasions he has insulted Sunil and the other team members. Unforgivably, Sunil and the others overlooked Kapil’s growing highhandedness. ‘Chalo chalo show record karte hain,’ they’d say every time after his rude behaviour. Not this time. Kapil needs to know he is wrong. There is no going back.”

The friend added that Sunil is just not interested in meeting Kapil for any negotiations. “Sunil is now taking off for an unknown destination with his wife and son for a recuperative holiday,” he added.

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Check out Sunil Grover’s tweet for Kapil Sharma he posted right after their spat became public, almost a week back. Well, he surely sounded different then.

Whether or not this fight will end anytime soon, still looks uncertain. As of now, Sunil has no plans of returning to the show’s shooting. And giving him company is co-actors Ali Asgar and Chandar Prabhakar who are supporting Sunil, and wish to give Kapil a piece of mind for his alleged unruly behaviour.