Sunanda Murder: Explosive Audio Tapes Reveals Sashi Tharoor’s Involvement


New Delhi: In a massive shocking revelation Republic has put out a tape which reveals that Shashi tharoor very well knew about the murder of ex wife Sunanda Pushkar.  The tapes also claimed that Sunanda wanted to meet the journalist but couldn’t.  Details of the conversations have been given to Delhi police, the channel said.

The journalist Prema Sridevi, who was also a witness in the case, claimed that Sunanda had no marks on her face when she met. “When Prema Sridevi met Sunanda, there was no mark on her face. Sunanda wanted to speak out & she sent a message at 4 am on the day of her murder to Prema Sridevi,” the channel claimed.

Sunanda (51) was found dead in room of a five-star hotel Leela situated in south Delhi on the night of 17 January 2014, a day after her spat with Pakistani journalist Mehr Tarar on Twitter over her alleged affair with Tharoor. Delhi police had constituted SIT to investigate the case but nothing concrete has come out. Delhi police is facing allegations of dragging the investigation.

Cops have questioned several persons including Tharoor in connection with Sunanda’s death. Police have also conducted polygraph test on six persons, all prime witnesses in the case, including Tharoor’s domestic help Narayan Singh, driver Bajrangi and Sanjay Dewan, a close friend of the couple. Viscera sample was also sent to FBI and report has already come out.  A medical board was re-constituted last year to understand the forensics of Sunanda Pushkar murder case.

But Now Arnab Goswami has revealed the tapes in which it shows that Sunanda Pushkar was actually killed in room number 307 and not 345 but was later shifted by someone to room 345.