Summer To Hit City Of Joy & Bengal Soon


Kolkata: Successive western disturbances, along with cyclonic circulations in Bangladesh and other adjoining regions, have led to erratic weather conditions in Bengal over the last two weeks, which has also caused a delay in the onset of pre-summer weather, the Alipore Meteorological department said.

“Due to interaction of the cyclonic circulations with western disturbances which originated in the Mediterranean region, the districts of Bengal, including Kolkata, have been spared from the summer heat. The state has witnessed sudden spells of light to high amounts of rainfall accompanied by thunder, lightning and gusty winds over the last two weeks, which has led to relatively cool weather conditions,” said an official of the Alipore Meteorological department.

“Summer will slowly set in over the next few weeks and there will be a gradual climb in temperature. But for that we need a week without any rainfall. For the last two weeks, there has been at least some amount of rainfall,” he added.

On Wednesday, while the minimum temperature in the city settled at 21.6 degree Celsius, which is slightly more than normal, the maximum temperature was recorded at 31.1 degree Celsius, two degree less than the normal temperature. The maximum relative humidity in the city was recorded at 95 percent, while the minimum relative humidity settled at 47 percent.

The city will witness partly cloudy sky over the next 24 hours and the maximum and minimum temperature should be around 30 and 20 degree Celsius respectively, the department predicted.