Sultan Ahmed Terms Narada ‘Saffron Conspiracy’


Howrah: A campaign was organized in support of TMC’s North Howrah’s candidate LaxmiratanShukla on Sunday. TMC MP Sultan Ahmed participated in the campaign where he directly spoke against the BJP regarding the Narada Sting Issue.

Ahmed said in the campaign that, the publication of the Narada News’ videos, is nothing but just a conspiracy against the TMC just before the Assembly polls. He added that everything would be crystal clear as soon as the election ends. It has been done to malign the government. Howrah’s MP Prasun Banerjee was also present in the campaign when Ahmed was delivering his speech against the BJP.

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Apart from Sultan Ahmed, North Howrah’s former MLA Ashok Ghosh, candidate LaksmiratanShukla,TMC’s leader from Bali, councilor Riwaj Ahmed, BaishaliDalmia, and Tipu Sultan Masjid’s Shahi Imam NururRahmanBarkati also delivered their individual speeches at the campaign. MP Mukul Ray arrived when the campaign was almost over. He did not go to the stage due to lack of time. The organisers have informed that Mukul Ray will campaign on some other day.