Sultan Ahmed Still Alive In Uluberia


Uluberia: He is no longer since five months. But still he is alive. Alive in the handling-poster-banner. Locals find his presence in campaign,meeting, procession and slogans. He is Trinamool Congress MP Sultan Ahmed, died of heart attack on September,2017.

Ahmed was elected to the 15th Lok Sabha from Uluberia Lok Sabha constituency on a Trinamool ticket in 2009. From 2009 to 2012, he was the Union Minister of State for Tourism in the Manmohan Singh government.

He had previously been a two time Congress MLA from Kolkata’s Entally constituency from 1987 to 91, and again from 1996–2001.Ahmed, 56, complained of chest pain and became unconscious. His family members and brother Iqbal Ahmed – a TMC MLA – rushed him to Belle Vue Clinic where he declared brought dead. He was one of the founding-members of Trinamool in 1997 and his demise is considered as a big loss for the party.

His death brought the premature elections which is scheduled on Monday. Thus party workers also say that since the announcement of the name, so many election meetings have been held, in each of them the two lines have been heard from Sajid’s mouth. Political experts say that, as the BJP tries to heat the market, the Rulling Party is trying to woo the person by using Sultan Ahmed’s centimetal votes.

While TMC named Uluberia MP Sultan Ahmed’s wife Sajda Ahmed as their candidate for Uluberia, Garulia municipality chairman Sunil Singh was named as TMC candidate for Noapara. On the other hand, CPM named Sabiruddin Molla for Uluberia. However, while Days before the campaigning of the party candidate, BJP leader Jay Bandyopadhyaya aggressively attacked and said, “Sajda Bobby do not understand politics. The grassroots local leaders want to make corruption in front of him.” Party sources revealed that the saffron party’s prime focus would be on Uluberia, where polarisation may benefit BJP.

While naming of Sultan Ahmed’s wife Sajda as TMC candidate for Uluberia has worried a section of BJP strategists – owing to Ahmed’s legacy among the 43 per cent Muslim voters of the constituency – they believe that good performance of the saffron party in recent by-elections in the state and also retaining of Gujarat would help BJP consolidate the 55 per cent Hindu voters of the constituency.

Otherside, Due to lack of party members CPIM campaign for Uluberia By-election is not up to the mark till date. Few CPIM supporters are seen to write the name of their candidate, Sabir uddin Mollah in few pockets of Uluberia. On the other hand congress is also in same position in election campaign this year in Uluberia. In last election Congress and CPIM fought separately here. But this time CPIM supporters may be hopeful to get support from Congress.

In 2014 Parliament election difference between TMC and CPIM was 2,01,222 votes. CPIM candidate Sabir uddin Molla was in second position. But this year not a single leader of CPIM came to Uluberia for Election campaign. But TMC and BJP already started their campaign. Now the question is whether in 2018 Uluberia By-election is going to be a fight only between TMC and BJP.

A month ago, whose life was centered on business, the non-political bride, now engaged herself in politics for her husband, has taken up the task of completing her unfinished work, Ghasful Jhanda. She utters- “I am the wife of Sultan Ahmed. I want to stay with the same way like he was with you. Please give me a blessing. “