Sujan’s Take On Homosexual Gaurav Not Getting CPM Membership

Pic Courtesy: Instagram

Kolkata: Behala’s Gaurav Ghosh is a homosexual and questions are being raised
whether his gender being responsible for him not getting the CPM membership. When
asked the same by Kolkata 24×7, CPM central committee member Sujan Chakraborty, a
but irritated by the question, said, “Will the media decide upon who the CPM will
give membership and to whom they will not? There are so many news, why do you not
question on the petrol price hike?

Gaurav is a former SFI cadre. He also took part in JNU elections as fielded by the
SFI. Pointing this issue, Sujan said, “You are not talking about Gaurav contesting
elections on behalf of SFI? This proves that homosecuality or any other such issue
cannot be the criteria for getting the CPM’s membership. We should, instead, praise
instead of telling this in a negative way.”

In a landmark judgement on Thursday, the supreme court partially rejected the
draconian Section 377 which criminalised homosexuality. It decriminalised
homosexuality and said that it is not a criminal offence. Soon after this verdict,
the media started writing about Gaurav.

Based on media reports, Gaurav is a homosexual and a former SFI worker. But he did
not get CPM membership. He is a resident of Behala.

Sujan added that, “See, there is a particular process to get membership to the CPM
party. In that process, who is a homosexual and who is a girl or boy, does not
matter. Membership is given based on proper rules.”

Reporting By: Shekhar Dubey
Edited By: Saheli Dey