Suicide Bombing Rocks Kabul’s Green Zone, 7 Killed, 21 Injured


Kabul: An explosion ripped through Kabul’s heavily-fortified diplomatic area of Wazir Akbar Khan in Kabul on Tuesday afternoon.

Early reports indicate that it was a suicide bombing that took place in 14th Street of Wazir Akbar Khan. Hospital officials told TOLOnews that at least 5 people were killed and 21 wounded.

TOLOnews journalists at the scene report that they saw many casualties.  Security forces immediately cordoned off the area and ambulances were seen rushing casualties to nearby hospitals.

According to the Ministry of Defense, which has an office in 14th Street, the explosion happened close to them but they said they were not the target.

The explosion happened at about 4pm local time when many government officials and embassy staff were leaving the area for the day.

The suicide bomber reportedly entered the area through a park bordering the diplomatic zone and was able to penetrate the layers of security and gain access directly into the highly-fortified area that houses numerous embassies, some government offices and a few private companies.