Suicide Bombers Strike In Two Iraqi Cities, 18 Killed


Update: Suicide bombings in cities north of Baghdad kill at least 18 people, officials say, reports news agency AFP.

Baghdad: A suicide attacker detonated an ambulance packed with explosives in Tikrit on Sunday, killing nine people at the southern entrance to the city, police and hospital sources said.

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The bomber struck during the busy morning rush hour. Authorities declared a curfew in the city, saying they had information that further attacks were possible.

In Samarra, about 50 km (30 miles) south of Tikrit, two people were killed when a suicide car bomber struck a car park for Shi’ite pilgrims visiting the city’s al-Askari mosque, sources said.
The attacks took place as Iraqi troops and security forces, backed by a US-led international coalition, were fighting to drive Islamic State militants out of the northern city of Mosul which they have controlled for the last two years.