Suicide Attack Outside Kabul Wedding Hall, 18 Killed


Kabul: A car bomb was detonated outside a restaurant near Lab-e-Jar square in Kabul’s PD4 shortly after 1.30pm on Thursday killing at least 18 people. Security sources said eight policemen along with 10 civilians were killed outside a restaurant in Khair Khana where a number of high-ranking Jamiat-e-Islami officials had gathered.

Ambulances immediately converged on the scene and security forces cordoned off the area.  Eyewitnesses said at least three cars were also destroyed in the incident and surrounding buildings sustained some damage. Not group has claimed responsibility for the attack.

This is the second attack this year against a Jamiat gathering. In June, at least seven people were killed and more than 119 wounded in three separate explosions at the funeral in Kabul.

The funeral was for the son of a Jamiat leader who had been killed in a shooting during a protest rally the previous day. At the time, CEO Abdullah Abdullah had also been at the funeral but escaped unhurt.