Sufal Bangla Stalls Replacing Plastic Bags With Jute


Kolkata: The State Agriculture Marketing Department has introduced jute bags at Sufal Bangla stalls in order to discourage the use of environment-unfriendly plastic,these stalls are run by the department itself.

According to sources, as per the initiative a jute bag will be given free of cost to anyone buying goods worth a minimum of Rs 200. This initiative was announced recently by the concerned minister. He said that for a start, 5,500 jute bags will be distributed among the stalls.

At present, there are 76 Sufal Bangla stalls, which hundreds of people visit every day to get fresh fruits and vegetables at the right price. The State Government has a target of setting up 100 such fair-price stalls. The stalls are run by Farmers’ Producers Organisations (FPO).

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