Sufal Bangla Stalls Replacing Plastic Bags With Jute

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Kolkata: The State Agriculture Marketing Department has introduced jute bags at Sufal Bangla stalls in order to discourage the use of environment-unfriendly plastic,these stalls are run by the department itself.

According to sources, as per the initiative a jute bag will be given free of cost to anyone buying goods worth a minimum of Rs 200. This initiative was announced recently by the concerned minister. He said that for a start, 5,500 jute bags will be distributed among the stalls.

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At present, there are 76 Sufal Bangla stalls, which hundreds of people visit every day to get fresh fruits and vegetables at the right price. The State Government has a target of setting up 100 such fair-price stalls. The stalls are run by Farmers’ Producers Organisations (FPO).