Sudipto spent crores to find a safe hide out for his wife


Kolkata: According to sources, Sudipto Sen had given a few crore rupees to his second wife, Piyali and his son Subhojit before entering into his hide out. It is even found out that Sudipto Sen had asked them to keep the money and use it judiciously according to their want. Infact, minister Madan Mitra was assigned the responsibility for finding them a safe place.

However, Madan had passed on the responsibility to another labour leader who finally arranged for a safe destination for Piyali in Kolkata. As per CBI reports, it is in this flat, a National leader used to come and spend time with Piyali, days after days.

But, when Madan was questioned by the CBI in this regard, he complete denied the issue. The minister claimed that he is being trapped in the chain and he knew nothing of it.