Sudip’s Supporters Re-Attack Kolkata’s BJP Office, Central Forces Deployed


Update:The barricades were tried to be broken. The central forces were deployed to enhance the security of the BJP leaders, specially Rahul Sinha.

Update: Central police forces have been deployed across Central Avenue and BJP office to take control of the situation. BJP’s Rahul Sinha has alerted Home Minister Rajnath Singh of the prevailing chaos. BJP members Locket Chatterjee, Rupa Ganguly reached the office and criticised the attack.

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Update: Just when the situation seemed to be coming under control, TMC workers allegedly attacked the BJP office once again.rahul-1

Update: Rahul Sinha has reached the BJP headquarters and has asked the members to stay calm. He said that the attacks are still on and police has not reached yet. Transport services at Central Avenue are completely disrupt. White dressed police at the spot. Central Avenue road has been closed. It is being suspected that BJP followers from the Calcutta University area are on their way to the BJP HQ.

Rajnath Singh criticised this event saying that, “The police were a mere spectator. No action has been take. These will not deter from the CBI investigation. It is a planned attack. How can it be a political vendetta when people have l;ost lakhs of money due to chit fund scams.”

A team from Bengal BJP is on their way to the Rajbhawan to inform the Governor of the alleged attack. They have even informed Amit Shah.

Kolkata: Soon after the arrest of MP Sudip Banerjee, the Trinamool Congress Party supporters reportedly ransacked the BJP’s office at Central Avenue, with several injured.

The situation is still not under control. The BJP followers alleged that soon after the news spread of Sudip’s arrest, TMC followers attacked the BJP office with stones. 11 BJP cadres injured till now.bjp-attack

BJP leaders Rahul Sinha and Roopa Ganguly had condemned the attack. The clash is at present stated to be severe. The police is facing great difficulty in bringing the situation under control.

CM Mamata Banerjee continues her tirade against PM Modi after Sudip Banerjee was arrested after 4.5 hours of interrogation by the CBI.