Sudip Refutes Allegations, Court Orders CBI Custody


Update: TMC MP Sudip Bandopadhyay to be remanded in CBI custody till January 10.

Bhubhaneswar: TMC MP Sudip Bandopadhyay has been arrested on Tuesday over alleged links with the Rose valley scam. Soon after the arrest, TMC supporters ransacked party offices and targeted several leaders. Statewide rallies were conducted across the state.

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Bandopadhyay was taken to Bhubaneswar and was produced before the court on Wednesday. CBI raised many questions.However, he pleaded innocence and claimed that he had no active role in the Rose valley ponzi scheme. He also said that he had been the face of opposition on behalf of TMC in the Parliament, protesting against demonetization.

Bandopadhyay’s lawyer Rajiv Majumdar said to the media that the allegations made against the MP are false as CBI couldn’t produce substantial documents. He enlisted the allegations. First, Sudip was actively engaged in promoting Rose valley schemes. Second, about numerous closed door meetings with Rose Valley managers. Third, the sponsored foreign trips and expensive gifts. The lawyer went on to say that a Rs. 5 lakhs draft cheque was given to the travel agent in 2012, and we have submitted the proof. Also some employees have taken money from Gautam Kundu on Sudip’s behalf . But the lawyer said that none of these claims carry evidence.

CBI sources say, Sudip had sent a recommendation letter to a posh South Kolkata school to admit Gautam Kundu’s son. Later, Kundu donated Rs. 75 lakhs to the school fund. This letter is being used as a proof to the conspiracy.

However, the court will fix the last nail in the coffin by deciding on the allegations. CBI had already asked for a 12 day remand for Sudip.

Meanwhile in Kolkata, Sudip’s wife Naina brushed aside all allegations against her husband. She also termed CBI to be a caged parrot of the Centre.