Sudan Flood: 76 Dead, 1300 Houses Collapsed


Khartoum: Sudan’s Interior Minister Ismat Abdel Rahman said Wednesday that 76 people died and around 1,300 houses collapsed due to the recent heavy floods and rains in Sudan, Sudan’s Ashorooq net reported.

“The recent rains and floods have caused great loss in lives and properties in 13 states of Sudan, which led to the death of 76 people,” the Sudanese minister was quoted as saying.

He said the situation is still worrying because of possible following threats like continuing heavy rains and rising level of the Nile. The Sudanese National Council for Civil Defence had expected heavy rainfall during the coming days throughout Sudan.

Sudan’s Ministry of Water Resources, Irrigation and Electricity has urged the citizens in the Nile areas in Khartoum, Nahral Neel and Northern States to take the necessary precautions to protect lives and properties due to the rising levels of the Nile.