Subsidy Information Now Printed On Train Tickets

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New Delhi: Railways has started printing the subsidy “burden” it is bearing in the train tickets to make passengers aware of the “real cost” involved in the travel.

Indian Railways recovers “only 57 per cent” of the cost of travel on an average that can now be reflected on passenger tickets purchased from counters or online, Railway Board Member (Traffic) Mohd Jamshed said here on Wednesday.

“We recover 57 per cent in passenger service and 37 per cent in suburban services and this will reflect on tickets,” he said.

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Describing it as an “awareness step”, Mr Jamshed said this will make passengers aware of the real cost involved in the travel and how much Railways is bearing the burden.

“Awareness is a must as it will lead to the rationalisation of fares which is required for the survival of the Railways,” he said.

Now, all train tickets including those of the unreserved ones have information about the subsidy involved in the journey. He said currently the loss in the passenger segment is at Rs 34,000 crore annually, which is met through the cross-subsidy from freight earnings.

While passengers travelling by suburban and short-haul trains accounted for 52 per cent of the traffic, their share in total passenger revenues was just around 6-7 per cent. This segment accounted for around 60 per cent of the annual subsidy of Rs 34,000 crore, Mr Jamshed said.

Consistent efforts are on to increase passenger and freight revenue. “While various schemes are being announced to boost loadings, new train services with new tariff are also in the offing,” he added.