Subrata Bakshi’s Wife Under Police Focal Point


Dhaka: Sahana Bakshi faces legal hazards for not taking work visa while participating in a concert in Dhaka. She is the spouse of All India Trinamool-Congress General Secretary Subrata Bakshi. She came to attend a ceremony in a art school in Dhaka. She is a well known vocalist of West Bengal. She has alleged to skip the tax for going Bangladesh.

An argument has arisen in the event at Shilpakala Academy of Dhaka. An artist like Sahana Bakshi using tourist visa have beefed up a controversy in Bangladesh. The Bangladeshi artists have alleged that.

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Complaint against Sahana Bakshi for taking tourist visa for attending a singing program in Shilpakala Academy. Soumi Bhattacharya, a relative of Subrata Bakshi alleged to involve with the incident. The anger spread out against the two.

Culture Minister Asaduzzaman Noor has attended the ceremony. The complaint goes up in front of him. He was uncomfortable for manage the situation. Reportedly, the minister said ‘will look into the whole issue’.

The complaint has been raised, often from India, especially from West Bengal, artisan craftsmen come to Bangladesh. Many do not pay for this. It makes huge revenue loss for a country like Bangladesh.