Subhrangshu is not a threat: Partha Chatterjee

Mukul should abide by party discipline: Partha

Kolkata: Although Mukul Roy has been a worrying factor for the TMC, his son Subhrangshu is not yet a threat for the party, believes the Higher Education Minister of West Bengal Partha Chatterjee. Subhrangshu was of late under the TMC scanner for his objectionable remarks regarding CM Mamata Banerjee and the party. Immediately after the remark made by Subhrangshu, the TMC bosses took the matter into serious light. Following the event, Mukul Roy was demoted from his post of the All India General Secretary and the leader of TMC in the Rajya Sabha.

But in connection the move, any stern step is not being taken towards the son of Mukul Roy, Subhrangshu Roy. It is learnt that Subhrangshu had touched the feet of Mamata Banerjee on the day of state budget. The political sphere of the country thinks it to be a re-conciliation on the part of Mukul’s son.

Partha Chatterjee said that Subhrangshu had spent the entire day in the cabin of the food minister of the state, Jyotipriyo Mullick. With the latest proceedings going on within the party, and Subhrangshu’s latest action, the party command is not thinking of Subhrangshu to be a major threat as of now.