Stunning Photos Capture Beautiful Tribal Makeup


For centuries different cultures and civilisations have used forms of cosmetics for everything from religious rituals and enhancing beauty to promoting good health and even showcasing different class systems in society.

Shot over a period of ten years by professional photographer Eric Lafforgue, the following series of photos give us an insight into the use of make-up around the world.

The images show people using make-up for ceremonies in Papua New Guinea to women in Myanmar and Mozambique who use it as a protection from the sun.

A touch of the theatrical: A man dressed for Theyyam ritual with traditional painting on his face in Thalassery, India


A highlander warrior with a modern nose ring decoration In Mount Hagen during Sing Sing Ceremony in Papa New Guinea (left) and a young girl with Shiva make-up in Maha Kumbh Mela, Allahabad, India

Hulis Wigmen From Tari during a Sing Sing Ceremony, Mount Hagen, Western Highlands, Papua New Guinea


As well as ceremonies, make-up around the world is used as a protection from the sun. A Suri tribe man With body paintings posing with a Kalashnikov, Omo Valley, Ethiopia