Students Protest At Presidency Amidst Bandh


Kolkata: The Presidency university has been locked down by students. The VC could not enter the campus. Protests are on amidst strike on Monday by students in demand for their hindu hostel.

This is not right. No illegal action will be taken at any cost: Vice-Chancellor Anuradha Lohia. She clearly stated, “Will not call the police force.” The VC and professors are not being able to get inside the university. Until and unless the hindu hostel open, the university gates will not open, said a protesting student.

The students of the Presidency University have been resorting to protests recently in
demand for a hostel, following massive protests by the Medical students recently.
The students claim that they were told that renovation was needed and then they
were moved from the Hindu hostel in 2015. However, the students accuse that the
University authority did not yet give back their hostel despite multiple
assurances. The students have been protesting for almost a month within the
university campus.