Students Fall Sick After Consuming Poisoned Water


Malda: Two students of Malda’s residential Madrasa School of Jagdala area under Bamangola police station, fell ill after drinking water from the school’s tank which allegedly was poisonous. They are admitted at a local health clinic. The Bamangola police have started an investigation.

The residential Madrasa school was established in 2005. It has a total of 181 students. The district parishad installed a drinking water tank in the school. The water of this tank was used for drinking. But the water has been emitting strong smells of poison.

The two sick students as Afsana Khatun and Sabina Yasmin.

Questions are rising as to how did the water turned poisonous, is there anyone behind it. The police are trying to find out who or whom are involved in this incident.

Ziauddin Ahmed, teacher of the Madrasa school said that water from his tank is supplied to the boys’ and girls’ hostel. It was noticed that the water turned white due to poisoning. After consuming this water, the two students fell sick. He demanded for the punishment of the culprits and said that this could have led to a major incident.

District parishad president Gour Chandra Mondal said that the incident is disappointing. The police administration and administrative officials rushed to the spot after the incident. They have assured legal action against the culprits.