Students Detained amid Protesting Dress Code


Chennai: An engineering college in Chennai went viral on social media, a group of students protested against the strict dress code imposed on them on Tuesday. Several students of Sai Sri Ram Engineering College have been detained for staging a road blockade in the city against the strict dress code.

Students say heavy fines are being imposed on girl students who wear leggings or jeans or even if they speak to boys in class. An angry student, Sairam said, “There is a fine for everything from dress code to walking and standing. This is terrible.”

The protest comes just days after this circular went viral on social media banning girl students from wearing leggings, short kurtas and tight tops. The special instructions for girls also included no mobile phones, no Facebook and WhatsApp. College authorities have, however, denied issuing the circular.

Professor Maran, who is also director of the college said, “Some culprits wanted to misuse our college name. We want our students to excel in the world. With several colleges in Tamil Nadu enforcing a strict dress code policy students say they plan to intensify their protests until the management withdraws their draconian policy.